Attitude of Gratitude

Another blogger wrote a self reflection of the week post. I loved how this individual was able to grab the positive moments out of the week, and even recognized their more frequent occurrence than last week.

Science has proven to retain our brain if we list three things every day of which we’re grateful. I’m sure you’ve seen this done on social media, especially in November. It’s the first half of the year though, and anytime is a perfect beginning point for positivity, wouldn’t you say?

So, I’m going to post my list & tag a few bloggers. You can write your list in the comments or create your own blog post. Please just pingback to this post ๐Ÿ˜‰

Here’s my 3:

1. The sunshine! I can’t get enough Vitamin C! The sun always lifts my spirit and encourages me to smile.

2. A great homework night with my older daughter. She had ton from missed days. Despite her and I feeling yuck, we knocked out all of!

3. This Spring break this week. I couldn’t imagine me trying to handle all the sickness that was in my house while my older daughter went to school. That would have been utter nonsense and insanity.

OK, I’m tagging




Carol Anne



6 comments on “Attitude of Gratitude”
  1. Thank you for the tag. I believe in the difference that this practice makes. Here’s my post:


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    1. Nova says:

      Love your answers โค๏ธโค๏ธ Thank you for participating ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. huguetta says:

    Thank you dear Nova for tagging me, it’s essential to me to be grateful always and I wrote a whole post about it
    I will mention now 3:
    – being healthy
    – My work and both the income I have and at the same time having time to blog while working
    – my independence

    Thank you for this post Nova and stay blessed โค

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    1. Nova says:

      Biggest hugs!

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      1. huguetta says:


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