Advantages of ESL

What it is and who uses it ?

It’s the abbreviation for the phrase English as a Second Language” . Most often found in educational settings, such as schools, programs are in place to assist students with improving their English speaking skills.

  • Advantages for all English Speaking Individuals:
    1. Introduces and Reintroduced the basic English language concepts.
      Omits the slang (regardless of in what era it was produced) from the options, guiding learners to speak properly.
      Teaches a wide variety of words; therefore, allows all learners to build his /her vocabulary.
      Helps individuals improve his/her writing by providing alternatives to a common word /phrase.
      Educates every learner on the expectations of speaking properly.

    While I personally prefer to better myself in as many areas of my life as possible, some maybe comfortable with how they currently speak/write. That’s their prerogative. I’m excited to use these websites and improve my language.


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