My Liebster Award Acceptance Post

Shout out to the amazingly beautiful and talented Huguetta! 🌸Thank you so much for considering me worthy of this award!🌼

Definition & Rules: {copied from Huguetta’s blog post}

The Liebster Prize is an award that exists only on the Internet and is awarded to bloggers by other bloggers. The first case of the award goes back to 2011. Liebster in German means sweet, kind, dear, charming, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing and welcome. It really is an excellent way to meet other bloggers and gain more visibility in the community. 

There are some simple rules to follow:
Add a link to the Official Liebster Award page in your blog post

the Global aussie:

Thank the blogger that nominated you and give a link to their site.

Do a post to show your award. Answer the questions given to you.

Nominate 5 bloggers or more.

Create more questions for your nominees to answer.

Let each nominee know you’ve nominated them and

give a link to your post

My Questions:

1. Can you recall a moment that took your breath away? Describe it.

The two moments that took my breath away were when my daughters were handed to me for the first time at the hospital. There’s nothing like it.

2. Would you marry a person from a different religion?

I wouldn’t marry again unless it was too this man I’m seeing. His religion is more relaxed than most. He’s a spiritual and holistic being.

3. What makes you smile instantly?

Baby animals make me smile instantly. There’s almost no baby animal that I don’t find cute and adorable.

4. You have a gun and murder is not a crime at all, whom would you kill?

I couldn’t and wouldn’t kill anyone. I don’t want that responsibility or accountability to and for taking a life.

5. You woke up and you’re 5 years old again but you remember your entire life you already lived, how would you act? What would you change?

There’s nothing of my past that I would change. That last is how I got to where I am; however, what I could do is better communicate with those in my life.. Because then, I’d have a better understanding of who I am.

6. What’s your best quality and worst trait?
My best quality is remaining hopeful in all situations, but equally being able to move forward with a positive attitude from all situations. That’s taken time, and lots of thought.

My worst trait is that unintentionally, I’ll fall out of contact with people, who I dearly care about. My life is a series of stops and starts. I don’t have many people in my life who’ve been in my life since I was a child. New friendships are so important to me but yet most of those fade away. I don’t forget them, I guess it’s just what I expect.

Questions 4 My Nominees

1. If you could master one skill, knowing you will succeed, what would it be and why?

2. If you could be in any book, which would it be and what role would you have?

3. What’s one secret you’ve never told anyone?

4. What is your definition of living?

5. Has life turned out as you though it would when you younger? Close? How is it different?

6. What’s your opinion on who you are as a person?

My Nominees

1. Kristian- Life Lessons Around the Dinner Table

2. Laura

3. Vanessa- The Well-being Blogger

4. Baffled Mum

5. Charliecountryboy’s Blog

6. Archangel White Wolf

Congratulations 🎊🍾 Nominatees! I hope you’re willing to participate; however, you’re not mandated to do so!

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  1. Reblogged this on Creative Writing Course: How to Write Creatively and commented:
    Hi Nova

    Thanks for the follows* (+ all the “likes”, as the reason I write is to share.
    * (Though my family and close friends say it would be far more entertaining with a video-camera # in “real life”, rather than in cyberspace!)

    # By the way, do they still make them in today’s ever-faster changing world..or is it all done with mobile phones?

    (get with the times now,”luddite”* c – it should be a smart phone)

    * or so I was often called by my “my techno-geek” friend, Bill (“the gonk”)

    “total non-techno” c (who doesn’t possess a mobile phone, after a rather eventful’ experience some years back, whilst trying to walk, talk and chew gum at the same time)

    Who says men can’t multi-task!

    Kind regards and happy writing

    “early bird” (very) * craig
    * my “best” time (by far)

    “You will do foolish things…but do them with enthusiasm.”
    – Colette


    Best wishes from the First City to see the sun (in summer) …and we’re also the first to see the sunset and the stars (in winter-time)

    “I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars.”

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