They woke up, baffled by their surroundings. They didn’t recognize it, couldn’t identify if it were earth or some incubator in a science lab.

The white was pure and stainless. There was no evidence of human or animal in its texture.

The sounds were faint melodies of a piano, pan flute, and harp.

They stood up, providing one another the anchor of stability. Their legs felt exceptionally heavy, and they were so thirsty.

Struggling with the inability to catch their breath, they caved and return to what they though was the floor.




Legs over their heads, and head to their feet. Dropping further and further into the unknown. Apparently, they didn’t return to the floor…. But, missed the hole?

Everything felt like the Twilight Zone, and they had no idea when it was going to end.


Photo Credit: Pixel


  1. We all are very unique and the who draw the line of normal? What is normal to me can be out of normal for me and opposite as well, great past Nova🌸

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