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In the Mess of Things

Photo taken from Pinterest

In the Mess of Things,

I need to ask you to hold on,

Don’t lose hope in the best of society.

So many already have, and we need it.

In the Mess of Things,

I need to ask you to smile,

Too many faces have forgotten how,

Replaced by tears and anguish.

In the Mess of Things,

I need to ask you to keep being kind.

So much has been buried

Brokeness and bitterness now reside.

In the Mess of Things,

I need to ask you to love.

It’s the element that sustains life.

The light in the path of darkness.

In the Mess of Things,

I need to ask you to have Faith.

Not necessarily solid at all times,

But remains existing in a world of chaos.

Finally, In the Mess of Things,

I need to ask you to Self Reflect

All that ever is, was, or will be




  1. This was extremely beautiful. I loved how eloquently you wrote, how desperately accurate you described us needing love, hope, faith, healing… a smile can change a life! 🙂 Blessings to you!

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        1. I wonder what Muffin thinks of all your beautiful birds. From where are you, that the sun is just now setting? Enjoy your reading, you must have been too busy hunting spiders lol.

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        2. Way up in northern Canada, or southern Canada depending on what part of Canada a person is from. Odd, yes. About an 8 hour drive straight north of Minneapolis MN. On the north shore of Lake of the Woods. The sun is not quite set yet, but close. Actually Muffin prefers the squirrels and chipmunks for some reason. Doesn’t get much excited about the birds. Odd cat. Hope she didn’t see that!

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        3. Ive never been there. I sure hope that sunset inspires you. I sure do love them!
          Haha, muffins sounds so amusing. I saw another cat watching a Squirrel this past week. As long as Muffins doesn’t bring them home “as gifts” by the door.

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        4. Muffin is strictly an indoor kitty, not safe to let her out around here. She’s a rescued cat, was abused before, so not taking a chance with her. She has her own ‘blog’ on my home page if you’re ever interested in some of her humor!

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