Afternoon #Coffeeshare

Happy Saturday Bloggers ๐ŸŒธ

It’s a quarter till one, here in Ohio, and I’m chilling in my writing chair. I had my boyfriend’s company since yesterday, and I like to sit in my thoughts once he leaves. Not so much all the lovey dove stuff, but in mature reflection of how the visit went.

I’m truly blessed, is what I am of absolutely certain. We’ve been on an incredible journey, and he’s an amazing guy. He’s granted me a wonderful opportunity that will allow growth and a better life for me and my girls. I’m truly so thankful.

Aside from his visiting, I’m not sure what if anything else will be happening today. If like to gather some magazines and books and go fill my libraries. I’d stop by a store and grab some windshield wiper fluid. I could go vacuum out my car… But, I really just want to crawl back in bed and sleep. LoL.

How’s your weekend going? Any major plans? Any big events taking place for St Patrick’s Day near you? I don’t celebrates that, so it’s just another day for me.

Oh yeah, this guy made me smile today. He was ever so loudly chomping on an acorn as I was leaving.

I was a gladly surprised he didn’t take off as I got in my car. There’s brown and black squirrels up here.

So, how is everyone else this afternoon?

Sending positive vibes and hugs



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