If I could be petty for a moment…

The original site that described the format of the ” Never Poem” was credited with a hyperlink.

I didn’t copy and paste word for word, any large section of her original work.

There’s only so many ways you can describe an alliteration!!!!

So this lady from the website where I found the idea, comments that I had ” copyright infringement”. She was even kind enough to provide me the reading material, and added the specific sections.

Paraphrasing is different than copyright infringement… But she succeeded to fuck up my mood for the day!


20 Comments on “WTF

  1. Oh dear. I know how this feels. It happened to me ince. When I was a student. It was rudicukoys. Such people are must paranoud!

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      • Ay karumba – not nice. It sounds like you did your best to try to appease the unhappy blogger.
        It’s the weekend – hope you can forget it and continue to enjoy your blogging. You are an awesome blogger.


  2. If you post a piece of a work for the intention of teaching or critique, giving credit to the writer, that is not copyright infringement.

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  3. People just can’t feel good about you liking their work so much you wanted to use some of it in your own. I would be elated if someone liked my work enough to use it.
    Your bad day, however, made me laugh, there at the end. I don’t know if that makes you feel better, for making me happy, or worse, because it made me laugh.
    Regardless, let the nasty person rot in a pile of their own making and try to let it go.

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    • I needed to work through your MJ post. I respect your opinion, I just tend to react too quickly.


      • What opinion was that? I remember being whimsical and not sure what to make of the entire controversy.


        • When I asked if you don’t read my stuff anymore I really wasn’t referring to the Jackson article. I was referring all my posts in general. I haven’t seen a “like’ or commentary from you in weeks so I honestly thought that you weren’t getting my posts. That has actually been the case with other people. There were a few people who for some unbeknownst reason were not getting / seeing my blog posst in their inbox.

          It’s all good though. Hope your day gets better. Have a fab weekend.

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