Opposites Attract #11

The Haunted Wordsmith’s challenge, Opposites Attract, words are the follow:

Today’s word:


He had it all: a triple Master’s Degree, the latest model of five different sports cars, a yhatt that holds 500 people. He was an idle, one who fans glorify.

As he sat in the lawn chair, he thought back to his Senior year of High School.

“Wow! What a catch.” Coach Lasseter announced as Kelvin, and a few other players came from the locker room.

” Thanks Coach! It was pretty lit.” Kelvin added.

It was the third quarter, a minute and a half left. Jason Grim tossed Kel the ball. There was a guy to the front left of him. Kel caught it, whipped to the right, out of reach of the apponent. He ran 75 yards, to score the winning touch down.

This was the familiar scene of the last six years. Since seventh grade, Kelvin has worked and practiced to perfect his talent. Winning that game had made all his efforts pay off.

It was the third game in the playoffs. The Bears and the Hornets were tie. Both teams played an excellent game, and Jason had the ball.

Kelvin got up from the chair and walked to the kitchen. He’s gained a comfortable lifestyle, married a wonderful woman, and given three beautiful children. He’s always remained humble, though; his momma taught him better.


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