💕🌸 Me and my little Sweet Pea 🌸💕



  1. Family is very important to me, because my parents put a roof over my head and my sister plays with me. But some people are not close to there family, but you think that will ever change?(Ephesians 5:28)

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      1. No, I can’t, because I am blind. My computer doesn’t recognise images my computer talks but it doesn’t read what’s in the photo well mostly it doesn’t okay Chinle it does if it’s a caption to correctly but no, I can’t see them

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        1. I’ll keep that in mind and try to remember captions. She is biracial, so she has the dark pretty bouncy curls. She has big eyes (that are from me) and brown color (from her dad). She looks like Shirley Temple kind of.

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