Thursday Thought (republished)

Good Morning Readers 😀

I intentionally advocate on the subject of mental health and all it encompassess (usually referencing my own life!).

Because life doesn’t stop, and our mental health seems to be lacking value to most of this world, I’m here to help break down that stigma.

This morning, I discovered a particular blogger who obviously is hurting. When I finished reading the posts, I searched for the right words to use in a response. I never wish to patronize and undervalued the individual’s emotions in that given moment. What I hope to do, is to meet the individual where he or she is… Take their hand, and say,

” Every single heart deserves to believe their truth. The hardest part is figuring out what that is because this chaotic world we live in is full of brokenness and lies. No living thing is created exactly the same as any of its kind, that came before it, since, or will in the future.”



That’s what I did this morning. I try to show the light of hope in all places consumed by darkness, not to build myself up or appear bragging. I genuinely understand the struggles of a tortured mind, hurting heart, and broken spirit.

Finally, then, my morning greeting to you is this: I hope you’re doing better today, than you were yesterday. Your eyes are open; therefore, you remember that you’ve been given this day for a purpose. I hope you feel this necessary and joyous love for yourself because you deserve it. There’s no one else like you. That makes you extraordinary ~


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