Buttercup’s Spaghetti

  • Rollie Laffitte married his wife in 2005, having just met her a year before. He knew immediately this was the woman for him. Their chemistry flowed so naturally, and she “got” him. For Rollie, that was a new experience.
  • “Whoopsidaisies!” He murmured, as he attempted to throw a paper ball into the trash. She laughed; his throw was the worst she’s ever seen. She, however, was conscientious to make sure he didn’t hear her. No man needs an ego blow.
  • They honeymooned for two weeks in the gorgeous Lake Como, Italy. His father’s side of the family was Italian. Rollie’s dad, Martino Saviano, was full blooded Italian. Martino grew up in the heart of Florence.

    Florence at night. Photo credit linked.

    While in Italy, Rollie bought her a wooden stake souvenir, for their garden at home. She grew up in a family who owned a flower business. Her mother and father could name every category and individual type of flower. Rollie quickly gained admiration of her deep passion.

    Six months post honeymoon. She was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer. As a penniless writer, Rollie did the very best he could to provide for his dying wife. He had little help from his colleague, who owned the local newspaper. Once in a while, he’d receive a request for an article for a magazine. None of it scratched a dent in the bills that added up. The only thing Rollie could think about, however, was spending as much time as possible with his love.

    She withered away quickly, but not without prolonged tormented pain and suffering. Unfortunately, since, he’s struggled greatly: physically, financially, mentally, and spiritually. Life for him has become dark and empty.



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