10 Anti-resolutions for 2019

There’s are being written by the inspired prompt from the Today’s Author blog 🙂

  1. I will absolutely never mix two brands of cereal together.
  2. I vow to never become a bibliokept.
  3. I will not become lugubrious when I see spilt coffee.
  4. This year, I won’t step on many cracks so I don’t break grandmas’ backs.
  5. This year, I’ll never eat toast without the crust.
  6. I will not allow my words to offend the squirrels.
  7. This year, I won’t forget to befriend a fish.
  8. I will not walk a path without clearing the footbridge for the beavers.
  9. This year, I won’t go without learning CPR for a tree.
  10. I won’t forget to laugh at the rediculousness of my mind.

Photo Credit ©️ Pixel

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