For an INFJ,

Who feels what others do (Empath)

And lives with every sense amplified to it’s strongest range… (HSP)

LIFE can be overwhelming, sometimes. It was for me, January 24th, 2019 I looked him in the eyes and “knew” before I knew details. My intuition speaks volumes above what most humans hear. I knew we needed to stay in that date night. I knew I wanted and needed alone time with him. I know I didn’t want to “share his time” with anyone that night (and if we were out, that would include complete strangers.)

The following Monday, he was hospitalized with a medical condition we’d been monitoring. Without so much as “I’m being transported to Mayo Clinic.” In the 3rd day in, I went from knowing this change was coming, to finally hearing the specific details. He needed to do what was best for him, and I needed to support that.

I’d been in situations before, where he’s be gone for a month or so… But, it wasn’t rarely due to a medical condition. He requested this transfer, and it was one of THE BEST facilities for him in the country.

We kept in touch over this past several weeks. He grew stronger and remained so patient with me (haha bc I’m quite a handful when I go hysteric!) and his doctors. He spent time progressively, always working towards being someone better.

In the meantime, I was here, coping the best way I knew how… In silent prayer, battling my mind, mothering and nurturing my, and finally myself.

This past weekend, I sat in my bubble bath spa music resonating, and I felt myself “just be!”… Only to find out my Darlin is coming home today.

People cope the very best they can. It’s not our place to be angry because they aren’t satisfying our desire to communicate. It’s not right for us to judge them in their silence, for we don’t know what they’re dealing with… Strength sometimes is only enough to get out of bed and do the very minimum.

I’ve achieved a few more goals this past month. God’s blessed me with a man that has taught me more than he’ll ever know. I feel at peace right now. He and I did this Together. We got through this challenge together. I’m so damn proud of him!! I’m equally proud of myself.

” There’s no growth in comfort zones; therefore, we should embrace the pain and accept the challenges. “

~ Nova


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