Say What You Need to Say

This Is Us

If you haven’t watched this show, you’re missing out on more than just entertainment. This past season, Season 3 Episode 10-11 are full of valuable lessons.

The 1st that speaks the loudest to me is ” Never miss the opportunity to say what needs said. “ These conversations are passport tickets to forgiveness. There’s freedom in acknowledging them, and facing what they contain. Our truth is the only way to live. Every other way is, in some way shape or form, denying ourselves what we deserve. It’s denying ourselves the lives we were meant to have.

The 2nd lesson I hear is that ” love means to listen.” Listening is active, present tense. When someone shares with you, it’s a gift that you must cherish. Time can’t be given a second time. Time is in constant forward motion…. We should use the time to make the most of it AND create within it, the love this world needs.

In this episode, Jack straight-up refused to listen to his brother, after the war incident. That refusal Jack carried to his grave. That sorrow and guilt, his regret and PTSD Nick continues to carry. Nick needed to tell Jack what happened. He needed the acceptance and forgiveness from his brother. Love means to actively listen to someone; you never know what that can do to someone.

In the coming months, I will be accepting this challenge, and writing “letters”, saying what I’ve been needing to say. As my followers, you are, by default, welcome to read. I need them read, and maybe not necessarily to whom they are written. They will be password protected because I want a controlled audience. If you would like to read, simply message me for the password.

Thanks for reading!



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