Smuggling, snuggling, or struggling?

It depends on the time of day 😉

Night hours, Snuffy sniffs every cracks and crannies, smuggling peanuts and popcorn from the ground and pockets. He’s a sly and silly snuffleupagus.

Mid day, Snuffy can be found struggling in his work place. He’s too fuzzy to sit a comfy reclining chair. He’s a strong 3000 lbs, and he stomps quite loudly when he walks. He also has a difficult time riding the elevator. His poor trunk is nearly smashed in the door on the daily.

In the break of dawn, Snuffy loves snuggling with his favorite friend, Missy the stuffed Rhino. He’s had Missy for several years now. He attended the animal kingdom celebration and won her, playing pop the balloons. Since he’s a single snuffleupagus, he tends to get lonely.

He has quite an interesting life 🙂

This was written for February 12th Writing Prompt from the blog PUTTING MY FEET IN THE DIRT 💛


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