Is it Friday yet

I’m going through my woman shit.

Some teacher at my daughter’s school this morning , spoke to her in such a way that could have really upset her day…

So I fucked up that teacher’s day.

I wasn’t about to deal with anymore peopling… So I came home… Cried at the end of SOA…. And

Have written today of as I’m a mad force to reckon with on my off days.

My integrity will be obsolete. My patience won’t even have seen the day… and I won’t care.

Maybe this is hypocritical. Maybe this is inexcusable and immature. Maybe this is whatever…

It is what it is right now…

And I’m sharing it.


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  1. We all have our days. Unfortunately though, if you’re working with kids or the public overall, you can’t bring your baggage to the work place – as the teacher did.
    Hope you can recover and have a better day.

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