Is it Friday yet

I’m going through my woman shit.

Some teacher at my daughter’s school this morning , spoke to her in such a way that could have really upset her day…

So I fucked up that teacher’s day.

I wasn’t about to deal with anymore peopling… So I came home… Cried at the end of SOA…. And

Have written today of as I’m a mad force to reckon with on my off days.

My integrity will be obsolete. My patience won’t even have seen the day… and I won’t care.

Maybe this is hypocritical. Maybe this is inexcusable and immature. Maybe this is whatever…

It is what it is right now…

And I’m sharing it.

6 thoughts on “Is it Friday yet

  1. We all have our days. Unfortunately though, if you’re working with kids or the public overall, you can’t bring your baggage to the work place – as the teacher did.
    Hope you can recover and have a better day.

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