Month: February 2019

Dry Season

Like the roots of the earth in the hot Indian days of summer, I struggle to find refreshing inspiration for writing.

Nothing tastes good. Nothing quenches my thirst of what I consider “quality” writing. Nothing sparks, there’s no river flow of creativity.

I guess, I shall keep walking… Hoping to find that water. I desire it; I imagine it.

I can almost feel it…

It’s right at the top of my finger tips.


Just Don’t

I don’t owe you an explanation.

My clothes are on my body; it’s not a welcome invitation to violate.

My skin color IS my beauty; my history my story. It’s not your ticket to decimate and hate.

My voice is my truth; my right to use it. You will not munipulate and silence.

My actions are my life, my legacy to pass on. It’s not up for you to revise and edit.

My heart lives within me, the element that gives me life. It’s not yours to destroy with your bitterness.

My sexually is my pride. It’s nothing offensive but to your ego.

My spirituality is my peace. It’s not an excuse for your nasty ignorance of unacceptable behavior.

Any, every, and all parts of who I am is mine to own, protect, nurture, love, cherish, and use to further kindness and compassion.

I don’t owe you an explanation!

3-2-1 Quote Me: Courage

Thank you, Fandango, for tagging me in this challenge!

Here are the rules:

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When we least expect it, life sets us a challenge to test our courage and willingness to change; at such a moment, there is no point in pretending that nothing has happened or in saying that we are not yet ready. The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny.”

The strongest people find the courage and caring to help others, even if they are going through their own storm.

Roy T. Bennett, The Light in the Heart

Three bloggers :

Rethinking How We Heal from Anxiety and Depression

EXCELLENT read💕💙💕💙

Rethinking How We Heal from Anxiety and Depression

Rethinking How We Heal from Anxiety and Depression

— Read on


Your Daily Word Prompt: fascinate

You can find out more here.

The stars and moon,

Creations of rainbows,

Micro photography of raindrops

Musical compositions

Pottery sculping.

And birds ability to fly.

Harvesting, robotic creatures,

Mental healing,

Cultures and history.

Genetics and How-To

DIY and Reusing

Money management and

the Amish

Love and Loss

Food of most kind

True life stories,

The Wonders of the World

Fascinate her.

My 7 Favorite Things

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🌸My Favorite Things🌸

My Girls

Kindness {Kindness cards I made last night:)}

My Washer & Dryer. You don’t appreciate these till you have two girls and are a single mom.

Adult Coloring Apps

My boyfriend

My Readers

Makeup/Beauty Products

Let’s go with:


Mina R

Stuart France

My Inner MishMash

Happiness Buffet


A Touch of Gilead


Audio Version

Isn’t it strange,

What fear can do.

The power we give it.

The control it has.

Whispers of lies,

In our moments of silence,

Heinous reminders of

Insecurities and defeat.

Lurking in our darkness,

Preying on our vulnerability.

Gaining strength with

Every moment of doubt.

We question our sanity.

Our safety, and security.

Paranoid to live in truth.

Chained to our past.

Incarcerated behind mistakes.

We lose our privilege to live

And become elements of existence.

I need you guys right now 💕

When love hurts, … and the truth is right in your face… You question where the fuck did it come from, and more importantly, how did you miss it? Surely there were signs… or maybe this IS the first “red flag”. It’s brilliant vibrant red… dripping blood from the would he tore wide open… Ass doesn’t even see it.

When you instinctively set your standard, when their reaction is some twisted illusion of what they feel is a “ bigger issue “, making it seem youre the problem… making it seem as if your behavior is the reason why they hurt you… as if you deserve it…

When they tell you to go, they best thing you can do is go. When they tell you this reason or have that reason why they changed their mind to see you… when you feel your stand on a matter was completely disregarded… and you feel his visits are conditioned to his “ term and conditions”…

I know my truths. I know my loyalty to my truth is stronger than my love to a man that has a reason on standby to not come see me…. having gone through this past month as we have…

You give your fuckin silence!!

That’s your power.

You control your life, your silence frees you from all and any of their influence.

You WIN.

Please drop hugs in the comments. Ty💕

Mystery History

This is the chosen image 🙂 It’s been chosen from Pixabay, and I feel in love with it as soon as I saw it.

  • The challenge is to write a piece of historical fiction about it. There’s a
    • 150 word limit
      Try not to use the words tree & green.
      Tag 3 people to use the same genre of writing and this photo to create a post.
    <li>I can't wait to see what you stories you create :D</li><u>Let's start with these lovely bloggers</u>
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    Fandango’s One Word Challenge


    Honesty and Trust,

    Leading, Laughing, and Loving.


    Investment and Compromise,

    Listening, Learning, and Living.


    Of A


    Partnership and Agreement

    Vowing, Fulfilling, and Enduring


    Uncertainty and Undermine

    Past, Present, Future!



    Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Undermine

    Always Seek An Adventure

    A man dressed as Superman smiles at patient Joao Bertola, 2, and his father at the Hospital Infantil Sabara in Sao Paulo, Brazil. -Nacho Doce / Reuters

    (taken from Pinterest) Taken from buzzfeednews


    The little boy smiled in wide-eyed wonder! There before him, Superman, swinging from his super strong chord!! The boy laughed with utter delight, gibbering to his father. The story couldn’t escape his lips fast enough. He giggled and pressed his tiny little palm against the glass. Superman raised his hand, and met the little boys. Joao looked at his father with the most intrepid sense in his eyes, nearly ready to jump on the ledge himself.

    Superman was his little man’s favorite. He loved the red cape, and matching boots. The hard days, when Joao struggles to get through chemo treatment, Superman is always there. He’s cheering Joao on, reminding him that not all heroes wear capes. He even agreed to give little Joao his cape when the last treatment is finished.

    Together, they worked through the fight. The cancer was gone, and the two heroes remained friends.

    Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: intrepid


    I’m sitting here, thinking about another blogger who wrote a “sit in” post. {That which is written while at the place the post takes place}.

    I’m here @ McDonald’s (🥴); there’s only so much my girls would eat right now.

    We are the only individuals in the seating area and playground.

    Our store location is on the corner, from a Shell gas station ($2.29/gallon), Happy’s Pizza (which is disgusting to me!), and this other business I can’t see out the window.

    The weather isn’t too cold, just enough to tease us of how Spring feels.

    The customers are accumulating, a very odd set of three came in… Two of three in hoodies. I would say they’re high school age.

    I’m sitting here drinking a large Dr Pepper. The staff is talking loud enough for everyone to hear. When I worked in fast food, we didn’t talk like that.

    Today’s been an emotional day, most defiantly when my mind created problems that I don’t believe existed. I couldn’t get loose from the anxiety. I guess I should be gentle on myself for trying.

    Anyway, this momma is utterly drained. Seven thirty can’t come soon enough.

    Fandango’s Provacative Question

    Fandango’s Provacative Question:

    ““The fundamental cause of the trouble is that, in the modern world, the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are full of doubts.”

    ~ Bertrand Russell,

    the British philosopher, logician, mathematician, historian, writer, essayist, social critic, political activist, and Nobel laureate.’ -Fandango

    Do you concur with Mr. Russell’s perspective? Why or why not?

    We all are born with intelligence. There isn’t a person who doesn’t have it. Here Mr Russell is comparing intelligence of Group A with Group B. I don’t agree with that in the least. It’s morally distributing and it emphasizing the idea of bullying. We all are intelligent. We are simply diverse in the areas of what we know.

    Now, the matter of ignorance. Some of us do feel a sense of righteousness. That’s fact. It goes without saying, individuals who fly lips, sink ships. These individuals choose to verbalize what comes to mind, without filter, and without thought. It sparks concern for me to question

    • Their integrity and character.
    • What kind of childhood did they have.
    • Do they imitate his /her parents.
    • The universal truth vs what they truly believe to be fact.

    It’s a character flaw to consider oneself better than, higher than, and/or more intelligent than anyone else. There’s just so many elements to consider ; however, rather than judging.

    On the other hand, there are individuals who speak few but true words. They listen with purpose, question in flowing information, and may even research on their own to find answers. These individuals doubt because learning is growth. Learning is change. They understand the concept that we humans should be lifelong students, and that knowledge is power. It shouldn’t stop with a high school or college degree. It doesn’t stop when someone steps outside an established school, or ” educational setting”.

    That’s who they are. These individuals may have been raised by a parent who understands this or may have developed this perspective on his/her own.

    What I know for certain, the ideas that escape our mouths define a piece of us. This information can birth so many versions of the idea, truth or lie. We are responsible for what we say; and it’s wise to be certain rather than to feel like a fool.

    We’re all very capable of demeaning something as false. Likewise, we’re all capable of stating a fact. It’s not a matter of stupid vs intelligent. It’s a matter of what one chooses to do with the given information.



    Universe Connection

    It’s crazy how connected I am with the vibes around me. I literally just went from 0 to 100% on the pissed off scale. Not a good state of mind at midnight. I’ve been super emotional and not sure how to get a reign on it. Anyway, shortly after, these messages showed up in my life. Thankfully, my heart thrives best because I notice when I’m being spoken to. Though, the second is hard to do, it’s a comfort to feel my thoughts acknowledged.


    For an INFJ,

    Who feels what others do (Empath)

    And lives with every sense amplified to it’s strongest range… (HSP)

    LIFE can be overwhelming, sometimes. It was for me, January 24th, 2019 I looked him in the eyes and “knew” before I knew details. My intuition speaks volumes above what most humans hear. I knew we needed to stay in that date night. I knew I wanted and needed alone time with him. I know I didn’t want to “share his time” with anyone that night (and if we were out, that would include complete strangers.)

    The following Monday, he was hospitalized with a medical condition we’d been monitoring. Without so much as “I’m being transported to Mayo Clinic.” In the 3rd day in, I went from knowing this change was coming, to finally hearing the specific details. He needed to do what was best for him, and I needed to support that.

    I’d been in situations before, where he’s be gone for a month or so… But, it wasn’t rarely due to a medical condition. He requested this transfer, and it was one of THE BEST facilities for him in the country.

    We kept in touch over this past several weeks. He grew stronger and remained so patient with me (haha bc I’m quite a handful when I go hysteric!) and his doctors. He spent time progressively, always working towards being someone better.

    In the meantime, I was here, coping the best way I knew how… In silent prayer, battling my mind, mothering and nurturing my, and finally myself.

    This past weekend, I sat in my bubble bath spa music resonating, and I felt myself “just be!”… Only to find out my Darlin is coming home today.

    People cope the very best they can. It’s not our place to be angry because they aren’t satisfying our desire to communicate. It’s not right for us to judge them in their silence, for we don’t know what they’re dealing with… Strength sometimes is only enough to get out of bed and do the very minimum.

    I’ve achieved a few more goals this past month. God’s blessed me with a man that has taught me more than he’ll ever know. I feel at peace right now. He and I did this Together. We got through this challenge together. I’m so damn proud of him!! I’m equally proud of myself.

    ” There’s no growth in comfort zones; therefore, we should embrace the pain and accept the challenges. “

    ~ Nova


    Typical Tourists

    Kat Myrman’s “Twittering Tales #124” Her challenges are pictorial and so fun! Check them out by clicking the link above. Photo by Gavilla @

    ” The Trade Center Towers memorial is 350 kilometers past that bus stop, mate!” Geraghty emphasizes.

    ” Oh poppycock! That isn’t even a bus stop,” Omar followed,” It’s a trash can. Put your glasses on.” Geraghty chuckled a bit, while searching for his bifocals.

    ” Ah, lad, you’re right. I see now that it is a stop sign.” Geraghty commented.

    ” Yesh!” Omar whispered. ” Franz, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is there, to the left of The Washington Monument.

    The problem that kept repeating; however, is that drivers were on the left side of the street.

    🤪Yeah I’m struggling to get mine in the 280 character/word limit!

    100,000 Stars

    I’ve been super bitchy today. No amount of sleep or coffee seemed to go. Now, I understand why. Full moons have always made everyone looney since I could remember. Hospital staff and teachers have even told me such.


    An interactive 3D visualization of the stellar neighborhood, including over 100,000 nearby stars. Created for the Google Chrome web browser.
    — Read on

    Protected: My Dear Love

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    Promote Yourself Monday – February 18, 2019 – Megha’s World

    If you have a personal business, here’s a grand opportunity to advertise your badassery!! 😁😁😁

    Promote your work and post the link in the comment section to be seen by 4000+ readers of the GodogGo cafe.
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    Monday Morning Affirmation

    Dearest Readers:

    My hope for you, today, is that you’d walk your truth with patience and kindness. They make all the difference, and are such beautiful qualities. Mondays can really challenge us in these area; but, I know we’re all winners. We’re beautiful souls that just need covered in prayer 💕

    Happy Monday ~



    #OWP #WOTDC: Envision

    What timing, and quite the suitable word, for The Word of the Day Challenge. It’s also called #OneWordPrompt, I believe.

    Today, the world is envision. As I sit here, on 18, February, 2019… Known as President’s Day, in my country, I can’t help but to feel a melting pot of emotions.

    In high school, my History teacher, Mr. Kidder, taught the foundations of this country… Or so they (our government) had lead me to believe.

    He taught me Christopher Columbus discovered this “new land”…. He taught of the pilgrimage John Smith endured, and the Native American people he encountered. He taught about the wars, and slavery, the greatness of President Lincoln and President Jackson.

    I felt proud to be American,…. And ashamed of my leaders. This established feeling escalated through my early adult years, learning the hidden truths of history.

    There’s so much our government hasn’t told us. There’s so much more to US History, that paints a heartbreaking picture. I’m not proud of our leaders. I can’t say I’m proud of many of our Presidents. Their choices haven’t been to establish equality for all… And they’ve done so with utter disgraceful lies and secrecy.

    This is “Adam Ruins Everything “… You may find yourself questioning what you thought to be truth, as well.

    Listen Carefully

    Sunday Morning Affirmation

    AAAMMAAZZING list of positivitea~ You tell yourself what you want to believe, and you’ll eventually come to believe it.

    Happy Sunday > Positive Affirmations
    — Read on

    Say What You Need to Say

    This Is Us

    If you haven’t watched this show, you’re missing out on more than just entertainment. This past season, Season 3 Episode 10-11 are full of valuable lessons.

    The 1st that speaks the loudest to me is ” Never miss the opportunity to say what needs said. “ These conversations are passport tickets to forgiveness. There’s freedom in acknowledging them, and facing what they contain. Our truth is the only way to live. Every other way is, in some way shape or form, denying ourselves what we deserve. It’s denying ourselves the lives we were meant to have.

    The 2nd lesson I hear is that ” love means to listen.” Listening is active, present tense. When someone shares with you, it’s a gift that you must cherish. Time can’t be given a second time. Time is in constant forward motion…. We should use the time to make the most of it AND create within it, the love this world needs.

    In this episode, Jack straight-up refused to listen to his brother, after the war incident. That refusal Jack carried to his grave. That sorrow and guilt, his regret and PTSD Nick continues to carry. Nick needed to tell Jack what happened. He needed the acceptance and forgiveness from his brother. Love means to actively listen to someone; you never know what that can do to someone.

    In the coming months, I will be accepting this challenge, and writing “letters”, saying what I’ve been needing to say. As my followers, you are, by default, welcome to read. I need them read, and maybe not necessarily to whom they are written. They will be password protected because I want a controlled audience. If you would like to read, simply message me for the password.

    Thanks for reading!


    More Di-Cin’s

    Format for Didactic Cinquain:

    Line 1 = one single word = NOUN
    Line 2 = two words that describe that noun = ADJECTIVES
    Line 3 = three words that express action and end in -ing = VERBS
    Line 4 = a four-word phrase about the way the noun makes you feel = PHRASE
    Line 5 = a synonym of the initial noun = NOUN



    Sexual, Sensual.

    Dancing, singing, relieving

    Up on the floor




    Hungry, Sad.

    Smiling, Crying, Searching

    Turn on the heat




    I felt a piece of myself died when Princess Diana passed. It didn’t make sense, then; but, oh how it does now. I have recently printed two images and was speechless when I looked at them. I see the similarities between she and I. Maybe it’s just what I see.

    #Heritage #BritishRoots #SheswhereIcamefrom #BeautifulSouls #WeLookAlike