Living with a Mental Illness III

Your peace of mind is yours to keep. Without your consent, nothing can take that from you. Sometimes, situations, that are less significant, rob us of that. Things like tiredness, stress, and hunger can create a sense of impatience and irritability. When dealing with others, a peace of mind truly is a win-win situation. They…

Hard Work Wins

” The underdogs won the championship title; hard work paid off.” Written for I.L. Wolf’s The 10 Word Photo Prompt


#3. Your day in ten words. Blessed, Thursday, Cleveland, Midnight, Early, January, Enriched, Calm, Quite, Peaceful It’s early here (12:02 am), so those of you East of the US, how’s your day going? Later on, I’d love to hear from my mid-West American readers! #commentbelow 10 words to describe your day

Under Construction

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