Yesterday, I had the honor and priceless privilege to be a guest on BottomlessCoffee007‘s podcast.

In conversation, he asked me, ” Why did you choose the word safe instead of beneficial?” when I was defining the point of “good/healthy mental health.”

At the time, I knew it was the necessary word… But, it even puzzled me as to why. I spent the night thinking about it. As I do with every encounter to my life, I discect and analyze it until my understanding has been satisfied.

Safety is apart of the intent in which laws are created, enforced, and adjusted. Safety is apart of the intent when troops travel to enemy lines and fight back. Safety is apart of the intent why most civilians buy fire arms.

Good mental health is when our choices are safe: for ourselves and toward others. Safety is consideration of physical well-being. Safety also involves physical well-being of two or more individuals.

Now, beneficial… Is a state in which an individual gains something. Sometimes, beneficial is a positive. It’s not always.

Let’s consider education. It’s beneficial for children to attend school, so they gain knowledge and acquire a job. Usually, attending school is also a safe choice.

Now, let’s consider methamphetamines. It’s possibly beneficial for an individual with severe pain to take a very slight amount of it, to control it. Is it safe? Not really because it’s addictive.

Beneficial doesn’t mean good. There’s cons to situations that may “benefit” someone…. When the individual chooses to behave in a safe manner, there’s a much less chance of a loss. There’s less amount of lives impacted by negativity.

This is my reasoning anyway.


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  1. Thanks for the follow up Nova. The reason why I asked you about safety is because it seems like safety means different things to all of us.

    Safety also from what I gather goes in both directions. The thief would think of their own safety and well-being when deciding on whom to prey on.

    Safety is an interesting term to me. People always talk about safety as safety being beneficial. But if we cannot come to a consensus at to what type of safety that would satisfy everyone could be, then how can safety be beneficial?

    I, myself am quite risk averse, but does that mean I am safety oriented?

    I hope I’m not confusing you. This is how my brain works. Before I buy into anything, I want to see the parameters of that thing as concrete and in black and white.

    Since assumptions continually prove to be catastrophic.

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