Saturday in Cleveland

Hiya Y’all 😂

Let’s see,

Extra strong Starbucks Coffee is now stocked. I also have hot choco now.

My morning has been good. I went and got my older daughter. Snow is due to arrive about 11:30.

We ran to Target. It’s so much easier to shop ten minutes after opening than any other time.

We, then, ran to Roses. I kept thinking about my mailman. Made up a goodie bag for him. He’s older.

Once I got everything put away, I turned on Grace and Frankie via Netflix. NEW SEASON, and it’s hilarious.

And I counted my change. LoL! There’s something strangely pleasing about doing that 😂🤣.

Three days of nowhere to go and no reason to spend money, HALLELUJAH! I’m excited!

Naps have been scheduled; aren’t naps just fantastic? I absolutely love naps 🙂

Here comes the blizzard….

If you would like snow, we’re to recieve 6-11 inches today. Wind chills are too drop below -5!

11 thoughts on “Saturday in Cleveland

      1. I ask as we have a Cleveland as a County in the north of England and I wanted to make sure it was the Cleveland on the shore of Lake Erie. I am a bit fascinated by the Great Lakes. Not in a weird way, you understand, but Cleveland, Detroit and to a lesser degree Chicago are places I am interested in. I am in the English Midlands, in Staffordshire, about 40 mile south of Stoke on Trent. We expect snow of about 2 cm !!! Chris T.


        1. I am in an old mining town called Cannock Chase. The Chase is in fact a small forrest. The Forrest was used by King Henry the 8th to ” Chase” deer. In truth is it was hunting deer. This was about 1530. So there is a historical connection. Now do you thinks The Browns can improve? Lol. Chris T.



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