There’s two groups of people in this world:

The ones who keep us sane

and ones who keep us human.

The group who perceives this world through logical lenses are such a blessing. They keep processes moving forward, and people focused on matter-of-fact. They perfectly balance society with realistic conversation, scenarios, and concrete stimuli. They keep us grounded from the hypothetical made-up nonsense that controls our minds sometimes. They ground us when anxiety steals our peace of mind. I have many friends who are my sanity spaces. They’ve talked me though some super high water and intense situations.

Then, there are those of us who keep us human. While logic is the best option for instinct survival, it’s not a great idea for “living”. Without emotions, we can’t be vulnerable. We can’t love or hurt. We can’t grow and change. Without situations of intense emotions, how would we come to appreciate or continue on living? Emotions demonstrate our mortality, our gentle but mighty spirits. These individuals teach us about all that spiritual wrealm that functions within our hearts and minds.

There’s some of us, with the blending of the two. I wouldn’t say we’re a group, necessarily, but rather, sporadically sprinkled throughout civilization. We feel deeply. We feel every emotion… At it’s most amplified and stimulated state… All the time. There’s even some of us who, not only, feel their own stuff, but also, others simultaneously.

As difficult as it is to believe, it’s true. The last three to four days, I’ve battled a heavy heart and heavier sadness. There’s utterly no logic to this because I’ve not experienced anything equally upsetting. So who’s shit do I feel? Who’s struggling with feelings of inadequacy and lack of significant value from loved ones? Who’s fought back tears and has even cried inconsolably?

I don’t know who you are; but, I feel your pain… and I need you to know, You are MORE than enough!


One thought on “Balance

  1. I believe both balance out. It’s just our ability to use them and not favor one over the other.



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