My Post-it Mental Notes

  1. Eat, pray, love sounds like a mantra that works for everyone, to me.
  2. I’m so into my man. He’s brought me coffee and sent sweet texts this week.
  3. No 21 year old should have 3 vehicles.
  4. I’m proud of my initiative with keeping up my resolutions.
  5. Sadje & Laura: ❤️ Thank you for your amazing support and nominating me for awards!! It’s my honor that you feel my content is worthy of an award.
  6. Girls, you’re fabulous. Don’t allow guys to define you.
    Green Mountain Light Roast coffee is perfect for the evening hours.
    A woman in a wheelchair was pushing a child in a ride along wagon… Yesterday, when it was 26 degrees.
    I need some Chakra crystals and decor!
    Which stylus is best for an IPad Air?
    I desperately need a hot, Epson salt, bubble bath.
    I have lots of laundry to put away.

He’s just not that into You

    movie is awesome.
    My daughter is doing pretty well in school.

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