Cost of Learning “The Hard Way”

Wednesday Wisdom: Hard lessons don’t come cheap. (A quote on the rearview windshield of a black truck, I saw, coming home from pickin my daughter up.)

Think about that for a minute. How many times, in your life, did you learn something “the hard way”!?

I don’t have enough time to remember all of mine. I’m a stubborn, passionate, and resilient individual. I do what I want; and I take accountability.

The hard lessons, though, have been costly. I’ve lost family members because I chose to take charge of my life. I’ve lost belongings because I chose to be honest with myself and fell in love with a woman.

I’ve lost friendships over silliness, and trust so effortlessly.

I know we all have gained valuable insight over our years. The lessons have made us wiser; but, not one has come without a cost.

Consider that before deciding to go through with a plan. Decisions can’t be undone. In addition, think about the cost it places on others as a direct result of your behavior. We all coexist… And our behavior will always impact those around us.


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