I’m embarrassed to admit how little I read. I understand every benefit that reading provides; however, my attention can’t focus long enough. My interest struggles to maintain itself until the last page. So

I will begin…

Begin another…

Begin another..

And not finish any of them. This year, I’m trying hard to change that. I want knowledge and inspiration. Books have so much to say, and I want to learn and laugh.

He’s Just NOT That Into You‘  by Greg Behrendt


Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man‘ by Steve Harvey

Are my first 2 for the year!

#Comment Below

Have you read these? What books are you currently reading? Do you prefer a hard copy of Kindle version?


  1. good for you for keeping at it even though it is hard to focus. i completely understand, most days i can only read for about 10-15 minutes but is better than nothing!
    some days I will listen to audiobooks when i really can’t focus, and for me, i would rather hold a book………bless you!

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    1. I LOVE audio books for and when I’m painting, coloring, and driving! I really wish this wasn’t as much Of a struggle as it is; but, I’m defiantly trying to work on it.


  2. I confess, it’s hard enough sometimes for me to read entire posts. It takes an intriguing interest for me to stay in a book.

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  3. I haven’t read either of those. I used to read 5-6 books at a time but this year, I am cutting myself back to just three at a time. One on phone, one on laptop, and a physical book. I try to only read for 1 sitting (an hour) at a time or 50 pages if I am short on time. I often read as a break from writing.

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        1. Hmm…same genre? Not really. Darren Shan does YA horror plus an adult line under the name Darren Dash. Rick Riordan does MG mythology based books and has his own imprint now with Disney. Clive Barker is an adult horror master whose last few books were not “horror”.

          I love Darren’s character building. Cirque du Freak (us)/Saga of Darren Shan (uk) is a fantastic series about a teenager who becomes a vampire’s apprentice to save his friend, but ends up in a long overdue war between vampires and vamps.

          Rick Riordan did the Percy Jackson series, which was much better than the movies, but I really liked the Kane Chronicles which focused on Egyptian mythology and magic.

          Clive Barker wrote The Damnation Game which is the basis for Hellraiser. My favorite of his, was The Thief of Always. Great book about a house/monster that traps people inside where they don’t age but the outside world continues.

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        2. They are not really sci fi/ fantasy in strict terms. They are character focused within a setting. Shan’s Zom B series is great and deals with zombies obviously. Riordan does mythology as the framework for his characters. Percy Jackson, the books, plays down the mythology to create an us vs them relationship between the Gods and their demi-god half children.

          I enjoy reading literary fiction more than strong genre fiction

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        3. See, I don’t know what I’m talking about. I definitely need to do more reading. It’s fantastic you are able to do something you really enjoy. 🙂

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        4. The problem with genres is that the lines blur more every day. Read a book for the enjoyment. Reading is definitely a fun break from writing lol

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