2019: Destroying Bad Habits

It takes 21 days to create a habit. It takes 90 to create a lifestyle. If we’re not happy with this life, we change it.

Now, insanity surely isn’t a pattern we’d choose for ourselves, right? That’s not a lifestyle OR habit very flattering on anyone…. But, here’s the catch… When we are aware of an issue, and we do nothing about it,… We are choosing to live in the insanity. We are choosing insanity over health and life. We are choosing insanity over happiness.

In addition, where there’s a problem, there comes a consequence. In my expierence, these are usually unpleasant. As long as we choose the behavior, we will choose the consequence that comes with it. That accountability belongs in to your pocket. That responsibility belongs to you.

Our choice of change is ours alone. None of us are entitled to whine and complain if we’re doing nothing about the problem. This year, why not do something else… So things change and these annoying habits are finally laid to rest?


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