Good Morning🍩☕️


Hope everyone has started this LAST MONDAY of 2018 off on a positive note=}

I can say I have, couple cups of coffee in. I’ve caught up on dishes. I’ve worked through all my automatic renewal monthly subscriptions and cancelled many. Girls are entertained and it’s only quarter of ten.

How’s your day started? Anyone have anything exciting happen that they’d like to share???

🥳🥳Oh yes: TOMORROW BEGINS MY JANUARY CONTEST. Simply try and be my top or 2nd best comments blogger for January🥳🥳


  1. Good murnin!! I’m sipping coffee from my fave owl cup and bingeing (again) 30 Rock on Hulu(can’t get enough of that show!!)….gotta work tonight (ugh night shift😣) so I’ll be sleep in awhile…nothing exciting over here

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    1. Owls are amazing:D Ive never watched that show, it’s good huh? Oh yeah night shift has to be a difficult adjustment. Definitely grab some zzzzs before you head in💚💚💚

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