Nebulous planning vs Grand Adventure

The river awoke with a force that terrified the college staff. The beautiful campus, a collection of six preserved historical buildings and four hundred seventy-five dorms, sat only but six feet away from the bank. Should the water significantly rise, the entire establishment could effortlessly wash away in shambles.

“As prestigious as Maxwells Scholars Academy is to is community.” Mrs Jackson thought too herself, ” It’s utterly terrifying to consider what only could have been nebulous planning. This chosen location is absurd!” she anxiously concluded.

“Wow! Check it out!” Christopher said, with great enthusiasm. Paul and Bill moaned with much less interest. They would rather vegitate on the fouton and indulge themselves in Mindcraft. ” No really guys, the river is feeling some type of fierce today! I can tell this is the just the beginning of a wild adventure!” Chris added. The two friends rolled their eyes, as if their genius third amigo had just lost his mind.

Written for Sheryl’s Your Daily Word Prompt

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge

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