Sometimes you need to turn off your phone data,

Put down your phone,

And stop obsessing about others’ lives…

Because the one who should be your first priority,

The one who’s life of enrichment and fulfillment,

The one who’s worthy of being chased, invested, and prioritized…

By you and by ONLY those WORTHY of your time

Is yours.

19 thoughts on “Yours

        1. LoL I was thinking of you this morning while watching a History Channel original series, about aliens😂😂😂 That sounds like such a bad joke but it wasn’t meant to be. It was a subject that I thought you’d find interesting. Surely would skyrocket popularity of your podcast.

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        2. As in speaking, with you? Guuuhhhh… If you give me several weeks to prepare. Introverts, such as myself, need to mentally prepare for such an activity where all attention is on him/her.

          Liked by 1 person

        3. Haha, thank you❤️🙏 I am working on saying yes and making new memories. I’ll be working on this. Thank you for the invitation:)

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