These were the good times

Before writers animated cartoon characters with cell phones in hand (what fuckery🤦🏼‍♀️)!

I loved these shows. All photos were taken from Pinterest❤️


24 Comments on “These were the good times

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    • Thanks so much❤️ I’m not going to post though simply because tagging is a more than necessary complication for me.


      • I remember all those and back when they were cool..

        Just like a week ago when I was listening to a station at work.. music I listened to growing up and a guy called it an oldies station…

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        • Well since you asked.. I’d like to have a better beard, add 40 pounds muscle mass and a few more tattoos… I’d like to be all those things 😊

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        • I get that all the time. My personal favorite “old” thing happened almost 20 years ago when I was coming out of my favorite store and a Dad asked his son who was sitting on a bench in front of it where he Mom went and the kid pointed to the store and said “the old lady’s store” lol

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        • 😑 wow… lol!! I know kids are going to say crazy stuff. But he had to have heard that from somewhere else! Just like my little cousin who called my wife a “Hershey’s Kiss” once… 😳🤭

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        • And they wonder why we don’t come around often…

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