Imagined Manifestation

She knew the manifestation she wished to create; however, she needed diligent prayer to fulfill such a challenging task.

He doesn’t remember her. The memories are gone. Those are the facts.

She’s rediscovering him; him rediscovering her. The second chance, open communication, trust that was previously withheld. The most sacred intimacy of quality time, feel good moments, and transparency… Because being is enough sometimes.

Truth be told, the past is full of broken roads. Distance, walls, abuse, fear, lies, anger. How can anything, grown from that, be worth keeping?

She is learning now how very little she knew about him, and that love is different than “in love”… She’s learning that this opportunity was given to her, and she needs to see the blessing that it is.

If she could turn back time, and begin where they left off… She’s uncertain that she’d want to. He didn’t know much about her then; because, he was always mentally and/or physically somewhere else. She remembered how hard she worked, to prove herself and her worth. She knew what she deserved wasn’t what she was received. She knew that though, yes, he’d remember her… He’d continue being that version of himself… That version that hurt her so…

That isn’t what she wanted. That isn’t what she needed.

This opportunity, this storm, isn’t too destroy her life. It’s washing away devilish lies and unfair mistreated memories. It’s creating space to replant seeds of love, in a soul, who’s soil is being replenished. It’s blessing the hands that are fortunate enough to invest in, nurture, and prepare that soil for planting.

What he doesn’t remember, she mustn’t remind him, he’s a different person now.

The season of change is upon them, and they should embrace the winds, as they’re carried off to the life they’re meant to live.


Written for Nova’s Daily Random Word Imaginatively & Manifestation 


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