Day: December 27, 2018

These were the good times

Before writers animated cartoon characters with cell phones in hand (what fuckery🤦🏼‍♀️)!

I loved these shows. All photos were taken from Pinterest❤️


Q&A about me [by me😉]

  1. I definitely prefer blue, but I use black more often.
  2. I prefer to live right outside the city, close enough where entertainment and resources are available, but I will have privacy.
  3. I would learn how to use a gun. I’ve never shot one before.
  4. I prefer my coffee with cream and sugar.
  5. My favorite books as a child were the Anne of Green Gables books and anything by Beatrix Potter.
  6. I prefer bubble baths with salts over anything!
  7. I would be a hobbit because well they’re just cute.
  8. I don’t read much of anything:/ I’m trying to change that.
  9. My favorite item of clothing is panties. Haha nothing else needs said.
  10. I love my name because my momma gave it to me. I’ve had it changed before and I’m back to using my birth name.
  11. My friend Minnie in like a friend, mentor, and Mom to me.
  12. I have no desire what’s so ever to be famous. I hate spotlight attention.
  13. I am a restless sleeper. It’s super annoying lol.
  14. I am an INFJ, who is a Cancerian. Of course I’m a hopeless romantic lol.
  15. Water is my birth element, and it’s perfectly suitable for me.
  16. Right now, I want to be closer to a few people: my daughters, boyfriend, and you readers.
  17. I always miss someone. It’s apart of my nature.
  18. When I was younger than four, my twin and I were taken to a foster home. There was a nice front yard. When we walked in, to the left was the kitchen, to the right was the living room.
  19. Oyster is the strangest thing I’ve ever eaten. You?
  20. I sure can, right down to the road I live on. Nothing exciting.
  21. I am most thankful for second chances.
  22. I actually can’t handle spicy foods.
  23. I have met Julie Roberts, Maurie Povitch, and Majestik the Magnificent.
  24. I have both a hard copy and digital diary. I also have several platforms in which I use to write.
  25. I prefer to use pen, doesn’t fade. I admire the antiqued vintageness of pencil and paper though.
  26. I’m a cancer, crab.
  27. I love crunchy cereal. Cherrios, shredded wheat, honeycombs. The only two kind I like soggy are Cinnamon toast crunch and rice crispy.
  28. I simply want a legacy left of love.
  29. Unfortunately, I don’t read much anymore.
  30. I show someone that I love them by complementing them, doing things for them, spending time with them, and listening.
  31. I like iced milk, juice, coffee… doesn’t matter.
  32. My biggest fear is my girls being abducted. Next is them being killed in any other way.
  33. I love the smell of fresh rain:)
  34. I address people by Mr or Ms
  35. I When live my life as if I never had lots of money, because that teaches humility and humbleness.
  36. I actually hate swimming,so I wouldn’t prefer swimming in either.
  37. I would buy several necessities from the dollar tree, make care packages and stick them in our free little library’s around town.
  38. I have seen a few shooting stars in my life and I have always made a wish.
  39. I want to teach my children that diversity is the beauty in our human race.
  40. I need to get my daughter’s name and a butterfly done. I’m not sure where.
  41. Right now I can hear the TV series Numbers on my TV. The wind blowing outside, and my girls laughing in the other room.
  42. I feel the safest snug in my bed under several covers with my giant teddy bear.
  43. I want to overcome my emotional irregularities. It’s difficult for me regulate sometimes.
  44. I would really like to travel back to the era of King Tut!
  45. 😂
  46. My favorite season is autumn for everything that it is as far as site smells tastes holidays.
  47. My ideal day would be with my boyfriend and my girls at the park with a picnic basket 75 and breezy by a creek or stream and probably some kind of animals and a kite.
  48. Complex
  49. I don’t regret anything, actually.
  50. (Blank😂)

Imagined Manifestation

She knew the manifestation she wished to create; however, she needed diligent prayer to fulfill such a challenging task.

He doesn’t remember her. The memories are gone. Those are the facts.

She’s rediscovering him; him rediscovering her. The second chance, open communication, trust that was previously withheld. The most sacred intimacy of quality time, feel good moments, and transparency… Because being is enough sometimes.

Truth be told, the past is full of broken roads. Distance, walls, abuse, fear, lies, anger. How can anything, grown from that, be worth keeping?

She is learning now how very little she knew about him, and that love is different than “in love”… She’s learning that this opportunity was given to her, and she needs to see the blessing that it is.

If she could turn back time, and begin where they left off… She’s uncertain that she’d want to. He didn’t know much about her then; because, he was always mentally and/or physically somewhere else. She remembered how hard she worked, to prove herself and her worth. She knew what she deserved wasn’t what she was received. She knew that though, yes, he’d remember her… He’d continue being that version of himself… That version that hurt her so…

That isn’t what she wanted. That isn’t what she needed.

This opportunity, this storm, isn’t too destroy her life. It’s washing away devilish lies and unfair mistreated memories. It’s creating space to replant seeds of love, in a soul, who’s soil is being replenished. It’s blessing the hands that are fortunate enough to invest in, nurture, and prepare that soil for planting.

What he doesn’t remember, she mustn’t remind him, he’s a different person now.

The season of change is upon them, and they should embrace the winds, as they’re carried off to the life they’re meant to live.


Written for Nova’s Daily Random Word Imaginatively & Manifestation 


Sometimes you need to turn off your phone data,

Put down your phone,

And stop obsessing about others’ lives…

Because the one who should be your first priority,

The one who’s life of enrichment and fulfillment,

The one who’s worthy of being chased, invested, and prioritized…

By you and by ONLY those WORTHY of your time

Is yours.

#NDRW – #18

Today’s Random Word: MANIFESTATION

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Concept: To write everything and anything that comes to mind about the Daily Random Word.

It can be incomplete thoughts listed, a short story, a personal story, personal reflection, memories, whatever you want it to be. The idea is to get everything out. Once you’ve done that, you can return to these posts and use the ideas in your writing.

Have fun


Uncertainty leads to the pursuit of truth~

Isn’t that profound?!

I absolutely hated uncertainty! It frustrates me. It greatly scares me, sometimes. It’s necessary; though, and here is the reason why.

What is unclear is temporarily settled in a mist of fog. Clarity is the road to know and it’s only through that pursuit that we find truth.


Inspired by the Movie #GodsNotDead

Urgently needed

Good Morning,
I’m asking for prayer. The last two nights have been very dark for me… so much so that it scares me. I’m an emotional creature and right now, all the emotions that I had toward my love need to be voided. We are starting over and I’m struggling. I just want to be freed from the agony of the past, to accept the truths of the present, and to allow God to reconstruct my heart for the future, whatever that may be. I can’t talk about this much more than that. Thank you so much .