Begin: New: First

According to the established calender, a new beginning starts :

February 1st: March 1st: April 1st:

May 1st: June 1st: July 1st: August 1st:

Steptember 1st: October 1st: November 1st:

December 1st:

But especially January 1st & your birthday.

Why is that? Or did we, as a society, associate 1st with new?? 1st means first… it means begin.

In 2019, I encourage you to be inspired by a simple reality.

1st simply marks our established calendar beginning. That’s it.

As we operate on the concept of “time”,

Clocking in and out, deadlines, appointments, meetings, extra curricular activities, birthdays, funerals, Everything…

Time is the current moment. Anything up until now is the past. Anything after is the future. Time is new with every single second.

Your NEW START is any TIME you choose. Exactly one year from when you begin, there will be an ending, and ANOTHER beginning. This process works on any day of the year… Not just the 1st of every month or year. New is that which didn’t exist before.

Choosing to love yourself is just as significant on May 23 as it is January 1st.

Every moment of time is one you won’t get back, every moment is “new”…

1st means begin ….. time is the only that which is constantly new…

Not a week, not a month, not a year.

so why not choose right now for the new habits, hobby, ect. :)?

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