Quirks I have that You Probably Don’t

  1. I put ice in my milk if it’s not cold enough.
  2. I order the same thing every time I eat somewhere, but it’s never how it’s originally made.
  3. I hate spaghetti mixed with sauce.
  4. I’ll heat up coffee until it’s too hot to drink, then let it sit to cool.
  5. I’ll eat finger foods in groups of two or three. (Chex mix, pretzels ect.)
  6. I over use the explanation point.
  7. I dot my i’s with hearts.
  8. I doodle when I’m on the phone.
  9. When I’m anxious, I’ll pick my feet or lip until they bleed.
  10. I can only drink and eat everything super hot or super cold. No lukewarm.
  11. Baths are always with lavender bubble bath and lavender and eucalyptus bath salt.
  12. I listen to “rain” every night on YouTube.
  13. Order free subscription magazines and never read them.
  14. I desire to know details of dead people and abandoned places.
  15. I start many tasks and don’t finish, due to boredom.
  16. I have this insane intuition as to where “lost” items are.
  17. When I’m at the movies, I have to sit in one of the last few rows.
  18. I drink milk from a glass or thermos usually.
  19. I despite I Love Lucy
  20. I love little things, pots, animals, people. Whatever.
  21. I’m a Steelers fan in Cleveland, and a Michigan fan in Ohio.
  22. I hate swimming because I easily get cold.
  23. I still sleep well stuffed animals.
  24. I get jealous over celebrities my boyfriend likes.
  25. I’ve mastered the art of deception.
  26. I can sense negative energy upon meeting someone for the first time.
  27. I can sense background information about someone by looking in his/her eyes.
  28. I enjoy writing penpals.

9 thoughts on “Quirks I have that You Probably Don’t

  1. My goodness!! Iced milk and plain spaghetti? You despite I love Lucy?? And jealous?

    I don’t know if this friendship is going to work, Nova…. you’re way too normal for me 😆😆😆

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s like we are the same person! When I sit on the couch I throw my feet over the back like I’m a heathen (as my mother would say). It’s nice to meet ya!

    Liked by 1 person


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