Year in 6 words

The evening of December 23rd is upon us. Where has this year gone? It’s true, what they say, the older you get, the faster time goes.

As I sit here reflecting on this year, I am in awe of what a single year can do. Not only what it can do but that it’s time I’ll never get back.

I can say I’ve had my highest of highs, as well as, my lowest of lows in 2018. The words that come to mind when I think of this year are

  • Patience– My daughters are of ages that require so much more patience. I didn’t always have it. Many experiences this were “first time”s. Those required extra patience as everyone involved adjusted.
  • Hope– This saves me every time. I know what I’ve been through. I know there’s an ending to all beginnings. I know that hope is the only thing that produces results sometimes. I’m thankful for the instances where I recognized I was losing hope and others reminded me.
  • Faith– This walks hand in hand with hope. It’s the belief that the truths you hope for will come to be. Faith brings it to be. (Which leads me to my next word)
  • Be– Be … in the moment, not mentally worrying about the past, not fretting about the future, mentally be where you are. Phones have become a horrendous distraction. I’m going to work on this next year. Along with “being “, I was able to accept what is as what is. Wether I liked it or not. Sometimes, that’s what I need, to learn to accept rather than manipulate (obviously unintentionally but yes that’s what I’m doing) to have things done for my pleasure. Being also teaches patience. It allows me to choose in each moment how I feel. It can remove the path of negativity or grief in my mind.
  • Consistent– Wow, where to begin? Consistency is essential for my life, as hypercritical as that is sometimes. I’ve learned the messages of consistent or inconsistent. I’ve learned how that defines a person and have adjusted relationships because of it. It’s so under appreciated, and I know I will always appreciate that blessing.
  • Laughter– The endless joys of my girls. So many times we spent laughing and tickling. I’ve discovered new comedians that were-are actually funny. I have a special memory of watching one comedy special with my love.

I think these are most symbolic. What about you? When you think about this year, what terms come to mind? What thoughts do you associate with them?

I’d love to read your feedback:)


3 thoughts on “Year in 6 words”

    1. Absolutely<3 It'll be Interesting to see if any others stand out by this time next year:) Do you have any New Year's resolutions set?



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