Day: December 22, 2018

Broken Glass

Looking past the broken glass,

That frightened her sacred heart,

She could see the possibilities,

Her chance of a fresh new start.

She could see the sun rising,

Welcoming her to this day,

Everything appears more vibrant,

Glowing delightfully from the rays.

Life didn’t feel as heavy,

a burden no one could bare,

She didn’t feel so lonely,

As if there wasn’t a soul who cared.

Lookin past the broken glass,

She allowed herself to dream,

A happier life, simple pleasures,

And garden oasis as far as the eyes could the see.

Nova ©️2018



A bright orange sun crawled out of the horizon.

Sending hope through windows nearby,

Waking some to a new beginning, Whispering to bed for others.

Treating the best of nature’s resources,

And restoring the ocean’s calm.

The sun drying up land, feeding the flowers blooms.

And encouraging bees and birds to fly.

Blog Spotlight 💚 Saturday

What caught my eye about this particular blog is the post about Self – Care when we’re not sure how we feel. I find myself in this case often, and I try to be graceful with myself.

The blog title is Sarah Steckler’s Mindful Productivity Blog.

Her Self -Care suggestions when we don’t know what we feel are the following:

  1. Give yourself permission to feel whatever you need to feel
  2. Let go of trying to analyze it and just be with it
  3. Get physically comfy – put on something that makes your body feel at ease
  4. Learn to build self-compassion by speaking to yourself as you would a friend
  5. Close your eyes and think of your favorite place
  6. Ask a friend to remind you of something ridiculously funny
  7. Make some tea
  8. Drink extra water and visualize yourself flushing out negative feelings and energy you don’t need – the water will help give you extra energy, too!
  9. Put on your headphones and listen to music that makes you feel good
  10. Go for a walk in nature without your phone and soak in the atmosphere
  11. Revel in the joys of escapism. Give yourself permission to dive into your favorite shows on Netflix that make you smile
  12. Settle in with a good book
  13. Ask for family or friends to help you out. If you have roommates or a partner, ask them if they can make you dinner or take care of something for you.
  14. Tell your coworkers you’re feeling off and allow yourself to be vulnerable, chances are if you have a bomb work crew, that they will do something to make you feel better, even if it’s just listening
  15. Make a list of any of the following things to give yourself a healthy distraction:: Things that make you smile :: Movies you want to watch again :: Places you’d love to drive to if you had an entire day on the open road :: What you’re grateful for :: Nice things that people have said to you :: Memories that warm your heart
  16. Wrap yourself in a giant blanket and curl up under the covers in a dark room. Don’t worry if it sounds melodramatic if it makes you feel comforted and safe, it’s worth it!
  17. Spend some time coloring!
  18. Jump on Pinterest and create a board of things that make you feel comforted and at peace
  19. Watch cute animal videos
  20. If you have pent up energy, take yourself to the gym, pool, or walk it out
  21. Take some time for self-care. Paint your nails, take a long bath, do what makes you feel pampered.
  22. Light candles and cuddle up with a pet
  23. Invite your friends over for a board game night
  24. Bake something or make yourself dinner. If you’re not someone who’s into cooking, order your favorite take-out and watch an awesome movie.
  25. Give yourself permission to take care of yourself today. It’s okay to put things aside. Taking time to invest in you is important

Feels or Logic?

Said no INFJ,…. ever!

Are you a “feelings” individual? Have you always felt drawn to natural elements, and you’ve known details before understanding the situation?

Maybe you’re a planner individual, who does best with concrete stimuli and logical reasoning.

AND maybe you’ve never really thought this much about who you really are.

As this year ends, a fabulous choice for a fresh beginning is taking the Meyer’s -Briggs Personality Test. I briefly introduced this topic in my blog page, Who you are: Meditation.

What this is, in a nutshell, is a four letter combination that describes you. You have an opportunity to take the test, here. The four letters result will be one of sixteen combinations. All sixteen are the following:

Photo Credit Attached

Some individuals are skeptical. They feel such studies and the categories are worthless when it comes to an individual’s personality. 

Here’s what ADAM RUINS EVERYTHING has to say. 

The final decision is up to you. I know my results have changed my life and have improved it by leaps and bounds.

Art of Development

An artist will compose a rough draft of the desired product; that’s merely the beginning. Much time and concentration, emotions and self will be added, with time. After fighting the toughest of criticism, the artist will call it “Good Enough”. He or she, however, will never declare it ” finished”. Perception is always changing; and, perfectionism is a delicious taste.

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge: compose

Bedecked the Halls, Fa La La La La, La La La La

The house showing was fabulous! The current sellers had bedecked the rooms in an array of cream, silver, green and red docor. The windows displayed full evergreen wreaths, topped with large plaid bows. As we came in through the front door, the alarm sounded the old familiar carol, Deck the Halls. In addition, the place smelled of frosted cranberries and peppermint. It was picture perfect; I’d love to own it myself.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Written for The Word of the Day Challenge

Your Daily Word Prompt: Festive

I’ve realized one very absolute truth about myself. During the Christmas season, I thoroughly enjoy how festive others decorate their lives. I, on the other hand, undoubtedly can’t do it. Physically, I’d rather not strain my body anymore than I regularly so. Emotionally, it’s frustration to be solely held responsible for the setup and take down. I don’t have the time, along with all the other responsibilities.

So, the girls and I take a little tour around our area, and admire everyone’s festive hard-work; then we come home and enjoy time laughing over nonsense.

Written for Your Daily Word Prompt: Festive