Day: December 21, 2018

Looking Ahead

Taken from Pinterest

Here’s my pledge, to spend 2019 in a better, a healthier place than this year. I pledge to laugh more, smile more, consider what’s insecurities and refrain from saying it, among many other little changes. In 2019, I will love me better.

In doing so, I’ll be your number one fan, should you choose to do the same. I will spend all of the 525,600 minutes standing on your sidelines with pomp pomps. I hope to encourage you to take my hand, and the next person to take your hand… And together we make the very best of each day. Every second is ” another ” opportunity to realize the miracle we have, life.

You deserve the best of yourself. You deserve the best that you can give yourself. There, in those moments, you will find contentment and feel loved.

We only have but one life. You have one chance, one person walking your story. This chapter is almost finished.

Next year, let’s do it together. Let’s pledge to try and trust, to rely on others. Let’s encourage and confide in one another. We all will face challenges; we can face them with greater confidence of support.

Please consider joining me in my 2019, I’d love to have you.


Time for Follow Friday – Blog Style

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Time for Follow Friday – Blog Style
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