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Warning: Strong Language and Possible Triggers

I heard a man, a father, on a YouTube kids video, tell him son….. Not to pick a certain toy because that particular toy “was for girls”.

That got me thinking. This black man is telling his boy he can’t have a toy that girls “typically” use for play.

Some white mom tells her daughter to keep her purse close because criminals are often black males? How are these two scenarios different?

This is how we teach sexism, descrimination, and division to our children. This is how we pass down segregation to our future… And the hate continues.

An individual is going to be different from BOTH parents. This individual has a God-Given RIGHT to choose for him/herself. Along the way: individuals, adults, media, many different stimuli, will try and influence.

Of all that’s influential, why the fuck (excuse my French but this has me boiling) would a parent choose to limit his /her child’s growth, identity, social inclusion, diverse acceptance, and enriched future by disallowed a toy a girl usually has. Why would a parent choose to be a negative influence.

To all of you bitching “it’s just one toy” or “It’s not that serious”…

You’re apart of the problem. It takes one lesson to learn bullshit nonsense. It takes one instance for hate to be planted into a child….

Don’t be ” that ” Dad….

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  1. Reblogged this on Notes and commented:
    Phew! Finally I hear some strong language 🙂 (Amir opens his shirts’s top buttons and lets some air through his sweated chest from the heat)

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  2. Unfortunately, the Black man in the YT video you mentioned is not the only Black who think like this, many Black men are terrified of their boys becoming gay or “feminine like”, so what he said is the norm. It’s not right, but it’s the norm. I told my hubby one day when we were conversing about our two boys; “If one or both of them comes to us to say they’re gay, the only thing we can do is pray that they are safe.” That’s it. Because if this is to be their identity, there’s nothing we can do to change it. It’s who they are.

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    • It maybe normal, but as I said, it’s the normal for women to clench their purses when a black man walks by. They’ll complain until hell freezes over about that “racism” .

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