Letter 2 Santa

Dear Santa,

I don’t know what I want this Christmas. I rarely feel comfortable buying something unnecessarily, especially at Christmas time. Money, obligations, priorities, such an adult mindset. This is what happens when children grow up.

I have two beautiful daughters of my own. They have enjoyed doing our daily advent, and prepping for your arrival. Buying gifts for them, this year, was a stresser. Unforgivingly, society defines happiness with materialistic. The constant advertising, promotion that money equals successful, and lack of government help eligibility haunts so many adults. Do I choice to buy a $300 Christmas and not cover rent or do I cover rent, and teach my children gratefulness, while struggling with depression?

Santa, there’s nothing I want this Christmas, that you can give. I’ve outgrown many childlike ways, but I know many children who can’t wait to see what you leave them. This year, I’m asking you to have a conversation with God. Come up with an answer that results in every child receiving something for Christmas. I want every single child to feel the joy and happiness of the holiday…. Even if that means playing with a shoe box. Happiness is one of the greatest gifts, and children need to feel that hope and innocence.

Humans outgrow toys….. And we forget what we find under the tree, year after year. What we never forget is how someone makes us feel, and that gift should always be good intentions and love… From adults toward children. That’s my wish this Christmas, that’s what I want. I want every adults’ behavior, toward children, to be consciously positive and just. I want children to feel the childhood innocence, that of trust and safety. The first five years of life set the tone for am entire life: children deserve the best future possible.

Whether I’ve been naughty or nice, respectfully Santa, doesn’t matter. My request is genuine. Please fulfill this grown up Christmas wish.

My daughters made the cookies,

Love :

Nova 💕


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