Repeat, repeat, repeat

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Cycle

  1. Evil mother cycle has paid a visit :/ My week will consist of ice cream, chocolate, tons of coffee, and lots of self care.
  2. Another important cycle in my adult life, is the grieving cycle. Each step is important. Each should be acknowledged and gone through properly in order for an individual to heal. This cycle, and actually others, influence the pattern of adult behavior. Destructive behavior often stems from a downward spiral of misfortune.
  3. A third important cycle in my adult life, is the cycle of a vehicle motor. Any male or female can greatly benefit from the knowledge of how vehicles operate.
  4. A fourth cycle important in my life is that of humans /child development. As an educator, I learned the fundamentals of child development; but, as a parent, I understand it on a greater deeper level. In addition to the significance of the first five years of life, I am understanding the impact of the ending of life. Both birth and death begin cycles we all go through and must accept.
  5. In addition to these, cycles like of animals, the environment (such that of rain or water filtration), and work industry fascinate me.

I never realized how many cycles exist in the world as we know it. Very interesting.


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