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Trip to Walmart… B4 9am


Standing in Walmart’s Pick Up, before 9:

* Almost everyone has a phone in hand (including me).

* Lady in the next isle over is talking loud enough that the British can understand her.

* Every associate is secretly thinking “WTF are you doin here before a decent hour” with their most cheery attitude.

* Most people back here look like a bad case of death by Friday Night Hangover.


I can’t wait to try this coffee. Does Crème Brulèe taste like vanilla?

* Are grandma elephants as lovely as most human grandmas?

*Somebody’s having a private rap concert close by.

* The associate who just walked past looked like Fiona from Shameless. Her real name is Diana.

* It’s only been 5 minutes, and I’m already over this waiting.

* 2lbs of Strawberries here is nearly $8! F that~

* Walmart has recently installed this ginormous not fun bulky tower thing for pick up orders.




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