#NDRW- Dynamoelectrial Prom Night

The night of prom was calling for thunderstorms. Hannah was getting ready for the football game,  while she had the local radio channel broadcasting on the radio. 

” Good Lord, the last thing I need is to look like a drowned rat for my date!” She thought to herself. ” I had better use tons of hairspray, and water resistant makeup.” This was her first prom with the guy she’s had a crush on since 3rd grade. She wanted to look her best. 

Later that afternoon, the sky began to look a very dark shade of gray. It wasn’t the typical rain clouds, but something from an evil dynamoelectrial universe. Hannah was nervous, ” Tonight’s going to get rough!” she thought.”I’m sure Charlie will keep me safe.”  

That was two weeks ago; the couple hasn’t been seen since. 



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