Written for Sheryl’s Your Daily Daily Prompt.{12/13/18}


This word means a person or thing that is the center of attention or admiration. Ironically, Brad Paisley’s song, “Celebrity” has been in mind for a few days. Whether positive or negative, spotlight on a celebrity is an inevitable. Whether desired or not, rules and stipulations are altered for those of celebrity status. It can truly make one bratty and ungrateful.

I’m glad that’s not me; I hate being the center of attention.




3 comments on “Celebrity”
  1. harper1852 says:

    A thing done usually in the category of art that is above and beyond on a higher level than the rest.

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      1. harper1852 says:

        I started to cheat and use a dictionary but I don’t do that really. I was thinking of painting when I wrote that.

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