Day: December 10, 2018

Mystery Blogger Award

Created by Molly Marcelle

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Three Things About Me

  • I have Vertigo.
  • I have a PreK teaching license.
  • I strongly believe we as a society could be more self -sufficient.

Link to my best & favorite posts

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I’ve enjoyed participating in many different “daily” activities here on WP. Each prompt has challenged me to research, create, think, and construct. As a writer, I feel a need to say THANK YOU for those of you who manage one of these “daily”. I’ve grown as a writer because of you.

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Attention: Please Read

This late morning/early afternoon, FBI reported custody of a 21 year old male, from Holland, Ohio. Later, they reported a second “incident”, though similar in detail, of a 23 year old female.

The FBI and police in that/Toledo area worked hard, undercover even, to keep us safe. Each of these individuals were planning events based on personal beliefs that WOULD HAVE ended in mass casualties. The male wasn’t permitted to purchase a fire arm, but planned to commit such an act as that of The Tree of Life Tragedy in Pittsburgh. He was also leaking information to a terrorist organization, ISIS.

This male… planned to execute his vision within DAYS had he not been captured.

This female had the materials to successfully carry out several pipe bombing explosions.

It’s moments like this, that I’m extra thankful for our people in uniform. I think we all should take a minute and send them good vibes/prayers/whatever positivity in any form.



30DS Challenge – Day 10

For the sake of my mental health, I’m not posting a video or any video that makes me sad. Sometimes, for those of us who are INFJ and /or  HSP, coming back from a sad moment could take a minute,…. Or ruin the entire day. 

On Sunday, I  heard a song Gary Allan’s Tough Little Boys. The storyline talks about tough men, who face all life’s biggest challenges with “no fear”, until he’s handed a child (particularly a daughter). 

This concept, ” Father -Daughter”, triggers so much in me. I can’t listen to ANY song that celebrates it. I can’t listen to any sing that focuses on it. I have abandonment issues, and it wasn’t until very recently that I’ve understood my thought and behaviors and realized how much I’ve missed out on…. And now how much my Zivah will miss out on. 

You see, my biological father forfeited his rights, my adoptive father favored his biological children…. And I’ve had to screw up and break hearts to realize no boyfriend should be the “fatherly” aspects I need. I just better understand myself now.

Children NEED their Fathers JUST AS MUCH as they need mothers. Each parent plays a huge role in the healthy development and growth of their child. It sickens me to see adults act selfishly for their benefit rather than for the well being of the child. 

That being said, men, if you have children, go do right by them…. It’s your responsibility…. And Little Girls need to feel arms of love and safety…. Because women like me just want that when she feels threatened or scared.