Day: December 9, 2018

Prepared for Anything

Right now, if she couldn’t see, She’d take extra time, fingers floating Around her, seeing with them, Where everything should be. Right now, if she couldn’t hear, She’d study every gesture and annunciation Mentally sharpening her beauty of interaction Within personal space. Right now,…

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Free

In my 2019, I will be FREE… Resolutions: free from Guilt Clutter Some financial strains Emotional torture Negative friendships Poor food choices Unmotivated energy Anxiety attacks Old chains and baggage A different version of me Written for the Fandango’s One Word Challenge

The 9 Secret Truths Of Christmas

“Ninth”-  The ninth eggnot shot was spiked. “Eighth”- The eighth Christmas guest wasn’t invited. “Seventh” – The seventh string of lights blinked. “Sixth”-  The sixth reindeer ate the cookies. “Fifth”-  The fifth elf was named Casper. “Fourth”-  The fourth born always got coal. 

30DS Challenge – Day 9

Song Challenge

Chaos for the Spider

Originally posted on An Upturned Soul:
If when the cat is away the mice will play… what does the cat do when the mice are away? I’m not sure if my cat considers me to be a mouse, but I do know what my…