Day: December 8, 2018

Leader vs Royal

Writing for the Your Daily Word Prompt for today:D : imperious Despite his royal status, and the endless riches, despite his physical difficulties, during his reign as a young man, he never grew imperious in character. He was Pharoah; but he behaved as would…

Questionable Friends

Originally posted on This, That, and The Other:
So Nova, at My Namaste 365 Online, found this thing on Facebook where there are games you can play “with friends.” Then she wrote,” I thought I’d write up some interesting questions and see if my friends would like…

30DS Challenge: Day 8

I’ll Drink to That.

Age of Technology

Written for Fandango’s One Word Challenge I remember when… Those funny words used when a delicious dusted off story, is about to begin. It’s likely, this story, to begin for the eight hundredth thirty seventh time. As the story goes, I remember when I…

Positive Affirmation 🌺 10

We’re all imperfect individuals, who are constantly learning. We’re going to make decisions based on what we know. Sometimes, our decision is made from a place of selfish desire. None the less, we deserve to be set free from all the guilt and shame….

❤️😘💞 Merry Christmas from Us🎄

I’ve been so blessed to have each of you in my life. I remember starting this blog with uncertainty and shaking confidence. Thanks for helping me balance and feel “home”! Have a wonderful holiday and always remember you deserve your love, FIRST💚 ~ Nova…

Double Trouble

Seriously, a clone?