Day: December 7, 2018

20 Questions “with friends”

Facebook has games you can play “with friends”. I thought I’d write up some interesting questions and see if my friends would like to play? I’m hoping so anyway 😀  Tagging The Haunted Wordsmith  Bitchin’ in the Kitchen Shamly’s Diary Racquel Writes! Leslie Nichole…

#FF Almost Heaven

The train rails were worn, covered in old stories of the good ol’ days. Blood, sweat, and tears poured upon this endless trail of iron. Especially in Summer’s heat, the work was hard. Someone had to do it, thus the age of booming industrial…

The Me Chart!

The Me Chart! — Read on Gosh, You all HAVE to read this SUPER COOL blog post!! It’s inspiring~

Your Christmas Gift

Christmas Gift


Written for The Word of the Day Challenge: belligerent.  “Beligerent doesn’t even begin to describe this community!” the church  uneasily responded to the Preacher. “However are we to have a peaceful protest, with the majority of our community-based population enraged with this recent innocent…

Attitude Change

I just noticed a few “moms” unfriended me on Facebook. I’m not on there often; it’s a rare occurrence I even have the app. After I noticed this, I noticed something else… my attitude toward this situation changed. Typically, I would panic. I would…

Not Feelin Guilty

Chores really wasn’t something I’ve thought about since having my first daughter. Yes of course they NEED to learn responsibility. Yes of course I had them by 8 yrs old. I just haven’t ever thought about it, because, I’ve been too busy making sure…

30DS Challenge – Day 7

Road of Memories

Here’s another Case in the “Whoops” files

Ok, here’s my confession: I don’t read the entire set of instructions UNTIL after I’m upset with my failed attempt😂😂 I understand how counterproductive that is; however, it makes for a great future laugh. AnyHoo: here’s my version of the snowglobe craft🤦🏼‍♀️! I do…

MoonChild & Her Wolves

MoonChild heard shuffling outside her window.