Day: December 5, 2018

Old Cottage of Secrets

These days these pages Hold the deepest truths of my heart. There’s so much unsaid, so much I absolutely wouldn’t disclose.. because no one could understand. Have no doubt I’m strong; but I’ve moments where I stumble.. where I tremble. My days are loaded…

Music Chain 🎵

Let’s do one long list of songs?? Whada say?!! Here’s a list of ideas of which should help you pick a song OR TWO… Which song is a reflection of your present life? Which song would you play for an ex? Which song would…

Song Challenge

I’m joining The Haunted Wordsmith in the 30-Day Song Challenge 🎶🎹🎵🎤

Friday Night Comedy

” This stand-up comedian is actually funny!” Ezra thought to herself. “His material is refreshing and new. What a perfect choice for a date!” Her thoughts continued. At this stage in the game, if the individual doesn’t have the crowd laughing after 2 minutes,…

Gift of yourself 🎄

The gift you give yourself.