Day: December 3, 2018


She was a reflection of all she knew..

Love and brokenheart, new and wise, light and guiding light.

She was a reflection of all her choices..

Humbling, patient, nurturing, and forgiving.

She was a reflection of herself and all those around her.

Feeling, expierencing, deciding, differentiating..

She was a reflection of the nature she loved.

Coexisting, adapting, changing, and redirecting.

She was a reflection of the pain in humanity..

Limiting, quiet, queuing with those who second guess officials.

She was a reflection of  her Polish heritage…

Dancing the best polka, cooking the best dishes. 

She was many things…. Everything, anything, and all that matters.

This is why she was so misunderstood.


Your Daily Word Prompt : Cedar

The cedar bench, just off to the right of a 100- sq ft arboretum, was Cecilia’s last gift from her father. When she was a girl, together, they would walk the paths of the beautiful exotic flowers, and Japanese gardens. Her father studied nature with great pride and intensity, knowing the earth provides more then humans realize. One particular visit, her attention caught the aroma of cedar trees. She fell in love instantly, the spicy evergreen excited her scenes. 

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