Day: December 2, 2018

Affirmative 🌺 #9

I am grateful. That’s an outstanding statement, alone. It’s easy to get lost in the negativity, grief, and ugliness in this world. Many people are miserable, but the world DOES have balance. There’s good in this world. There’s reasons to laugh and smile. I promise. Sometimes, it’s conscious effort to see it ; but, it’s there.

The rest of that statement is the other piece of its awesomeness. All that I am, acceptance of yourself… Both strength and weaknesses. All that I have… This is powerful. Being rich doesn’t mean happiness. Being content with what I have. Then there’s all I experience. What happens to us is a flow of events, molding us into who we’re meant to be. Both the victories and failures, the setbacks and second chances… Everything is for our good.


#FOWC: Relative

  • The relative brightness of the Christmas tree bulbs indicates the older and newer ones.
  • This world has strong opinions relative to race, nationality, and gender.
  • The Lion is a relative to a cougar, leapard, and every other cat in the animal family 

You can read more about Fandango’s One Word Challenge Here! 

Adventures of a Single Mom 5

When you’re a mom of two girls, you have a TON of laundry. When you don’t have your own washer and dryer, your laundry overtakes your home… Until the neighbors call the cops because you’re screaming to be rescued. Haha, that’s how it feels anyway.

This warm and comfortable December morning, Zivah and I are Hallelujahin at the laundromat with our 8-10 small loads of laundry. We’re at my favorite location to do this nuisance of a job, where I’ve yet to encounter stares of utter disbelief. Single mom life is tough fokes, no one can debate that.

After the blood, sweat, and tears… As with all challenges, the end goal makes the effort worth it….. AMAZING SMELLY LAUNDRY…. (AAAHHHHH CHURCH CHIOR SOUND)! SURE it’s all over my house and my girly jump in it like piles of leaves. Sure I’m then out of dryer sheets because my daughter uses 35 pre-load… But, the refreshing feel of clean sheets… And that feeling of a shower then drying of with a fresh towel & putting on a cleaned set of clothes. That’s heaven on earth, for me!! It’s one of my favorite feelings in the entire world.

Here’s a couple pics lol.