Christmas Miracle

Well Hello! Please, come in & have a seat by the fire. It’s so great to see you; Niko and I have been anticipating your arrival. He’s actually napping right now; but, he should be making his presence known in a few hours. The weather is quite aggressive this evening, isn’t it? I’m so glad you’ve made it safely.

I’ll take your coat to the guest room. It really is such a pleasure to have your company. As much as I love living in the country, it can be uncomfortably quiet at moments…. Oh yes, of course you may use my restroom. If you go through the kitchen, turn left and it’s the second door on the right. The sink handles are reverse than the standard order, so the hot is on the right.

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A bright orange sun crawled out of the horizon. Sending hope through windows nearby, Waking some to a new beginning, Whispering to bed for others. Treating the best of nature’s resources, And restoring the ocean’s calm. The sun drying up … Continue reading Sun